Nespresso introduces Bukeela ka Ethiopia, the first Pure Origin Lungo Grand Cru


Sensory finesse from the cradle of coffee

With Bukeela ka Ethiopia, the 22nd Grand Cru coffee in the permanent range, Nespresso turned to the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. This is the first Pure Origin Grand Cru to be sourced from Africa, and it has been specially developed to reflect the essence of Ethiopian coffee. This pure Arabica blend has an exquisite floral aroma with wild notes of musk and wood.


Split-roasted blend from two distinct regions

For this single-origin blend of handpicked Arabicas, Nespresso coffee experts looked to two distinct regions of Ethiopia. Not only is the country widely held to be the origin of coffee; it also enjoys a global reputation for its rich diversity of striking coffees that grow both cultivated and wild.

The main component of Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru is from the Sidama region in southern Ethiopia, which is known for its elegant wet-processed Arabicas. This is roasted longer and lighter for a complex floral bouquet reminiscent of jasmine, white lily, bergamot and orange blossom. An unwashed Arabica blend from western Ethiopia is roasted darker and shorter to add body and wild, musky notes to the Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru.


Long extraction for maximum aroma

Bukeela ka Ethiopia was specifically developed as a Lungo, to be enjoyed in a 110 ml cup. Like many of Ethiopia’s fine coffees, Bukeela ka Ethiopia benefits from a longer extraction time, which allows the complexity of its floral aromas in particular to fully unfold. Combined with the creaminess of milk, it becomes smoother and more full-bodied with caramel-like notes.

Bukeela ka Ethiopia with an intensity of 3 is also the first Lungo Grand Cru in the Nespresso Pure Origin range, and brings a new dimension to the existing Lungo family: Fortissio Lungo (intensity 7), Vivalto Lungo (intensity 4), Linizio Lungo (intensity 4), and Decaffeinato Lungo (intensity 3).


Nespresso Pure Origins

Nespresso experts have chosen some of the most iconic coffee-growing countries to create the Pure Origin Grands Crus. Each of these coffees is carefully developed to evoke the subtle, refined flavours of the country of origin.

As the fourth coffee in the Nespresso Pure Origin Grand Cru range, Bukeela ka Ethiopia rounds out the distinctive assortment with regard to aroma, intensity as well as geographic location. The name Bukeela ka Ethiopia is derived from Amharic and a local Ethiopian language. It means “bean from Ethiopia”. The copper-tinted Bukeela ka Ethiopia capsule evokes the tones of the African soil.

Bukeela ka Ethiopia with its floral and wild notes (intensity 3) joins Dulsão do Brasil (intensity 4, profile: sweet cereal), Rosabaya de Colombia (intensity 6, profile: fruity/winey) and Indriya from India (intensity 10, profile: spicy).

A new PIXIE Lungo cup has been created in the same copper colour as the Bukeela ka Ethiopia capsule and will be available for sale worldwide in Nespresso boutiques, online and through our Customer Relationship Centres.


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