Linizio Lungo: a brand new Grand Cru to start off the day


A new Lungo rounds out the Grand Cru range

Taking discerning coffee connoisseurs on a daily journey into sensory enlightenment has always been the aim of Nespresso. With the creation of the Linizio Lungo Grand Cru, Nespresso acknowledges the opening of the day as a time of individual ritual, a moment to be enjoyed through the tender employment of the senses with a harmoniously round and smooth coffee.


Linizio Lungo: inspired by the morning sun

Linizio, derived from the Italian “inizio” – the beginning or initiation – evokes the outset of the day, a time rich with expectancy and possibility. Nespresso invites coffee lovers to start their morning with the Linizio Lungo Grand Cru, which envelops the palate with a well-balanced, velvety smoothness, enhanced by notes of cereal and malt.

Reflecting the time of the day that inspired its birth, the Linizio Lungo capsule has the warm, orange colour of the sun as it rises. A perfect partner for serving the Linizio Lungo is the Pixie Linizio Lungo cup: a double-walled stainless steel 160ml beaker in the same burnt orange colour as its capsule.


Harmonious blend combines well with milk

With this newest innovation to its permanent Grand Cru range, Nespresso brings coffee connoisseurs and Nespresso Club Members a sublime blend of pure, high quality Arabica beans sourced from South America.

Nespresso coffee experts used a split-roasting technique in the creation of Linizio Lungo, which has the benefit of emphasizing the aromatic richness of the two distinct origins that make up this exclusive blend.

Precious Bourbon Arabica beans sourced from Brazil are roasted longer, in order to enhance their cereal, malty notes. This is combined with smaller amounts of a Colombian Arabica that are roasted lighter to accentuate mild notes reminiscent of sugar cane. The result is a smooth, well-rounded Grand Cru with an intensity of 4.

Envisioned to be savoured like the rest of the Nespresso Lungo range in a long, 110ml cup, Linizio Lungo reveals delightful notes when enjoyed black or with milk. Coffee and milk lovers will discover that combining this exceptional Grand Cru with milk reveals even rounder, caramelised notes while preserving its roasted character.


Nespresso Lungo Grand Cru range

Linizio Lungo, with its harmonious and distinctive notes of malt and cereal, perfectly rounds out the Nespresso Lungo Grand Cru range that includes 4 Grand Cru coffees dedicated to enjoyment in a larger cup. Vivalto Lungo is a balanced coffee with roasted and subtle floral notes of intensity 4, made from an intricately comprised blend of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas. Decaffeinato Lungo at intensity 4 is a slow-roasted blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans sourced from South America, which boasts a smooth, creamy body completed by roasted cereal notes. Completing the Nespresso Lungo range is the intense, full-bodied Fortissio Lungo with a high intensity ranking of 7 and a bitterness that develops notes of dark, roasted beans.