Nestlé Nespresso Supports Ukraine

We are shocked and deeply saddened by the invasion of Ukraine and stand alongside the international community in calling for peace and the rapid restoration of security and stability in the region. 


Our actions in Ukraine 

Nespresso does not sell its products in Ukraine. However, there are 5,800 Nestlé employees in Ukraine, some of whom are providing business support services to Nespresso.  

Since the beginning of this crisis, we have been in close daily contact with our employees in Ukraine. Their personal safety and security, and that of their families, continues to be our priority. This includes the provision of essential items including food, helping with their evacuation where necessary, and providing additional financial support.  


At-a-glance: what we’ve done 

  • Fundraising – employees were invited to donate, through Nestlé, to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. Nestlé is doubling the impact by matching employee contributions.  
  • Advanced salary and bonus payments made to our Ukraine-based employees 
  • Working to re-locate those in affected areas in Ukraine to safer areas of the country, and offering relocation packages for people to move outside Ukraine 
  • 24/7d phone helpline set up to assist families leaving Ukraine: so far, we have helped more than 100 colleagues to leave Ukraine, along with their relatives 
  • We have also been working closely with our machine manufacturing partners in Ukraine to support their employees’ safety. 


In addition to fundraising efforts, Nestlé has made donations of food items. Nestlé food & beverages to the value of CHF 6 million, representing 1660 tons – a portion for each of the whole Ukrainian population (40 million people) – have been donated. 


Our actions in Russia 

On March 9, Nestlé (including Nespresso) stopped all advertising and suspended all capital investment in the country.  

On March 11, Nespresso announced that it was suspending all imports into Russia. Therefore, we temporarily suspended the commercial operations of our boutiques, our app, and our website in the country.  

We are very conscious of our responsibility towards our Nespresso colleagues and will continue to pay and support our impacted employees who depend on us for their livelihood, all through the suspension of our operations. 

For information on Nestle’s response, please see here