A short story on coffee

From farm to cup, we know exactly how your coffee is grown, roasted and processed. That’s how we guarantee high quality and consistency in every cup.

The journey from tree to cup is made up of many steps – from being grown and harvested to being roasted and processed. At each stage, decisions must be made that impact the quality and taste of the coffee.

What makes Nespresso different is that we play an active role in every single step. Quality is not a coincidence: it is something we work hard to achieve all along the coffee chain. From the careful choice of the origin and terroir, to the selection of the finest beans, the dedication of farmers for the coffee, all the way to our roasting expertise and extraction technology for the consistent in-cup results you expect from Nespresso.

First of all, we know exactly who produced our coffee and where it comes from. We know how it was processed and why. Thanks to our long-standing AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, which has been running since 2003, we work with thousands of farmers all over the world to help them grow quality coffee, more of it, and in an environmentally sustainable way. We know exactly what we are buying, guaranteeing a high quality and consistent taste in every cup.

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By the time the coffee arrives at our factories in Switzerland, a series of quality checks have been performed in the countries of origin and at European harbours. More than 40 quality checks are then performed within our production centre. For example, we control the size of green coffee beans to ensure homogeneity for even roasting, and we measure the humidity of the beans to avoid dryness and quality loss during roasting.

Once the quality of the green coffee beans has been confirmed, our master blenders, roasters and grinders take over to unlock the beans’ full potential, creating our wide range of Nespresso coffees. There are countless ways to grind and roast a coffee. We combine state-of-the-art technology and human expertise to ensure quality in every step of the production process. Using the right heat, time and airflow, we bring out the best and most specific notes of each coffee.

We then spend plenty of time drinking our coffee to ensure it is perfect. Every day, 300 ‘green’ coffee cups, and as many as 500 finished coffee cups, are tasted.

Last but not least, the aluminium capsule then seals in the aromas, protecting the coffee from oxidation, moisture and light and guaranteeing optimal freshness.

When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance. Our unique, obsessive approach – starting with the trees in the field and ending with the coffee in the cup – means we are constantly pushing the boundaries of quality at every step of the coffee journey.