From the ground up: Cultivating gender equality in coffee farming

It is impossible to achieve any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals without addressing gender equality. Yet women in rural farming communities are still fighting for their most basic rights.


Specific challenges are increasingly understood at a local level – enabling tailored and contextually relevant responses. At the same time, new initiatives are creating meaningful change not just for women but entire communities.


Nespresso has hosted a live panel discussion exploring proven approaches for cultivating gender equality in farming – from the ground up.

Listen to this compelling panel which tackles questions such as: What factors can help determine the progress of gender equality in farming? Why and how should men be part of the solutions? And what tools are available to build more long-term practices?


Sharon Anderes – Global Corporate Communications Manager, Nestlé Nespresso SA
Melanie Landthaler – Gender Specialist Senior, Nestlé Nespresso SA 
Ana Victoria Portocarrero Lacayo  – Senior Gender Advisor, KIT Royal Tropical Institute
Cristina Manfre – Global Gender Director, TechnoServe
Daniel Costa Lima – Consultant