Nespresso celebrates the rich diversity of the Colombian Terroirs with Spring 2014 Limited Edition


Two Colombian coffees from Cauca and Santander

Nespresso brings coffee lovers two new contrasting tasting experiences this season, turning to the rich and diverse coffee growing regions of Colombia for the Spring 2014 Limited Edition Grands Crus duo.

With the Colombian Terroirs, Nespresso takes its concept of Pure Origin Grands Crus one step further. Instead of highlighting one region alone, this Limited Edition duo delivers the unique taste of two distinct regions located within a single country of origin.

Long skilled in the art of Colombian coffees, Nespresso coffee experts sought out green coffee from the coffee growing regions of Cauca and Santander. Due to their distinct terroirs, which are shaped by unique climate and soil conditions, these particularly aromatic Arabica beans have vastly different aroma and taste profiles.

The Colombian Terroirs Limited Edition Grands Crus duo demonstrate the diversity of sensory experience that can be drawn from the Arabica coffee variety when it is grown in a different location.


Distinct coffee terroirs

Cauca and Santander are two regions at opposite ends of Colombia, where Nespresso has worked closely with coffee farmers for many years through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. The lasting, collaborative relationships that Nespresso nurtures with these farmers allows it to create very specialized Grands Crus. Other Grands Crus that Nespresso has previously created using Colombian coffees include Sandona, Naora  and Dhjana, as well as the permanent Grand Cru Rosabaya de Colombia.

Cauca is located in the lush, green equatorial region of southwestern Colombia, where coffee bushes growing along undulating slopes receive the even warmth of the equatorial sun and fresh ocean breezes. Cauca is known for its very small coffee farms, often no larger than 2 hectares.

Contrastingly, Santander, to the northeast, has a drier climate. One of Colombia’s oldest coffee growing regions, it is surrounded by steep mountains that form the other end of the Andes Cordillera mountain range. Here, coffee bushes grow in reddish, iron-rich soil and are protected from the intense sunlight by the shade of tall native trees.


Contrasting aroma profiles and tastes

With an intensity of 6, the Cauca Limited Edition Grand Cru has a complex aroma with fruity, winey notes, and a refreshing tang. Enjoying it as a Cappuccino draws out the toasted cereal notes of the Cauca Grand Cru. With an intensity of 7, the Santander Limited Edition Grand Cru has a more rounded taste, with notes of delicate caramel and toasted bread. When enjoyed as a Latte Macchiato, the milk enhances its depth, revealing notes of sweet biscuit and hazelnut.


Premium cups interpret terroir topography

To complement the Colombian Terroirs Limited Edition Grands Crus duo, Nespresso commissioned French designer Christian Ghion to create a new set of limited edition espresso cups with artwork by Swiss graphic artist Werner Jeker. Fashioned from fine porcelain, each cup bears a graphic interpretation of the topography of one of the two terroirs, and in the colour of the respective capsules: orange for Santander and green for Cauca.


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