The Maestria machine range brings to homes the art of coffee making like a barista


Preparing perfect coffee like a true expert

Nespresso introduces the evocative Maestria machine range, inspired by the meticulous ritual of professional coffee preparation. Maestria brings the tools and handling of the specialist into the home, enabling everyone to perfect their coffee with the passion and care of an expert.

Drawing on the Nespresso original idea and heritage of enabling anyone to create the perfect cup of coffee at home, the Maestria and Gran Maestria machines let coffee lovers experience the art and sensations of a true coffee barista. The authentic sights, sounds and smells of the machines are added to sophisticated engineering, precision and versatility to create pure pleasure in cups.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology

The two professional-looking machines, Maestria and Gran Maestria, underline the expertise and commitment of Nespresso in developing the latest coffee innovations to delight coffee drinkers. They use cutting-edge technology, while retaining the much-loved noises, touch and movements associated with carefully prepared barista coffee.

Both rounded-edged models are reminiscent of traditional barista machinery. Their display retro-style dials on the front allow coffee lovers to adapt cup length according to their preference with maximum precision. A pivoting cup stand also lets users change their recipe type and size as their mood takes them – just like in their favourite café.

The secret of creamy milk froth

The secret of a great Cappuccino or Caffe Latte lies in creating milk froth at exactly the right density.  With the elegant Maestria model, an ergonomic, ‘hands on’ machine, consumers will be able to prepare milk recipes in the manner of a true expert, however compact the space.  The steam pipe on the side of the Maestria machine uses an optimised air intake technology to prepare light froth with a creamy texture which allows users to listen to the sound of the milk as it thickens to perfection, just like a master barista.

Luxurious and chic professionalism at home

Gran Maestria, the larger of the models, is the ultimate barista-style machine and the height of luxury and ease.  Gran Maestria features a function that pre-heats the cups so consumers and their guests can enjoy coffee at the ideal temperature.  Its Aeroccino milk frother enables anyone to create four different milk-based coffee recipes. Recipes as deliciously gourmet as the ones ordered in the finest cafés.

The Maestria range delivers function and form, combining cutting-edge engineering with a streamlined elegance.  With their luxurious finishes, nodding to retro bar styles with curves reminiscent of the past, Maestria is available in red and creamy white, and Gran Maestria in dark grey titanium and platinium. 

Whether in a retro red or understated platinium, both machines fit effortlessly into the most chic and contemporary interiors – bringing a touch of professionalism to the home. They are tailored to fit into modern lives and spaces.  Both machines are also energy saving, powering off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

A barista kit to heighten the ritual of coffee preparation

Following the Ritual Collection, Nespresso has once more collaborated with acclaimed design studio Andrée Putman to create the tools required by a true barista to accompany the new Maestria range. This new barista collection kit features a cocoa sprinkler and milk jug, and even a microfiber cleaning cloth. The perfect finishing touch to Maestria’s professional offering.  An elegant shaker is also available for iced recipes.