Nespresso Farmers Award – meet our extraordinary farmers and agronomists


The farmers who grow our coffee are the heart of our business. We recognize the dedication and hard work they put into creating sustainable, quality coffee – for many it’s their entire life’s work. Our AAA Sustainable Quality™ Farmers and Agronomists Awards recognizes farmers and agronomists who engage in inspiring work for their communities while focusing on sustainable coffee practices through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program.

Join us in celebrating these remarkable people.


Costa Rica

Farmer: José Rafael Monge Cordero

Agronomist: José Dario Prado Espinoza


José Cordero in his farm “El Bosque”


José Cordero has been with the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program for five years and has achieved a Rainforest Alliance certification. He is highly committed to the community especially concerning the environment. He is a member of several environmental committees, such as “Los Santos Sustainable Coffee Production”, “Los Santos Biological Corridors”, a local territorial Development Council, and a member of the Municipal Council of San Marcos. He invites universities, students and fellow producers to visit his farm to promote sustainable coffee practices while he also supports internships.



Farmer: Willy Geovanny Solares Aguilar

Agronomist: Sara Mariela Morales Cordero


Willy Solares receiving his letter of invitation for the Farmers Awards and his family


Willy Solares has been with the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program for eleven years having achieved a Rainforest Alliance certification. He has actively participated in numerous Nespresso AAA and Rainforest Alliance training programs. Willy has pioneered the AAA Agroforestry project with Pur Projet-fedecocagua in Guatemala in 2014. Willy strongly promotes environmental and social sustainability by leading various community land programs as well as champions the protection of water resources and waste management (especially in schools and public institutes).



Farmer: Gualberto Juarez Martínez

Agronomist: Olga María Illescas Solís


Gualberto Martinez in his coffee farm and with his family


Gualberto Martinez joined the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in 2016. But before joining the Program, Gualberto thought about leaving his farm to look for other opportunities far away from his family.

Gualberto is a young and innovative coffee farmer. He keeps records of all his activities (harvest, fertilization, pruning, salaries, among others) and implements practices that lead to more coffee production while spending less money and protecting the environment. He plants fruit and shadow trees such as gauabas to allow the nitrogen to flow into the soil. This year alone, he planted 300 new coffee plants.

Gualberto is a leader in his community and he helps fellow coffee farmers with the support of the Nespresso AAA agronomist.



Farmer: Noelia Ruiz

Agronomist: Yasmín Rocio Carrero

Noelia Ruiz with her family - her husband Ernesto Bolaños and 3 daughters Leidy, Silvia and Paola who work in the production and marketing of coffee


Noelia Ruiz has been the proud owner of “Finca Buena Vista” (“Buena Vista” farm) for thirty years. Her farm, located at 1’450 meters, also produces cassava, fruit trees and corn that the family uses for their own consumption. Noelia has been with the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program for eight years and her farm meets the Rainforest Alliance criteria, which means that Noelia and her family are committed to the production of sustainable quality coffee.

Noelia is an example to other women in coffee. She currently actively manages and participates in women in coffee group and has been elected as the representative of coffee growers in the Timaná Municipal Committee of Coffee Growers.



Farmer: Wagner Fernandes da Cunha

Agronomist: César Junior dos Reis


Family and farm workers: Anderson, Waldir, Sílvia, Maria, Wagner, Cláudia, Marcionil, Wanderley and Júnior.


Wagner da Cunha is a member of the Rainforest Alliance Certified group since 2015 and his farm is part of the 30 hectares of conservation areas of the Cerrado region.

Wagner has worked hard in setting up a biodiversity project to plant 600 trees alongside the river crossing his farm. He provides Internet connection to nearby communities and local schools while leading a waste management program in partnership with the local church.



Farmer: Rohith Mathews


Rohith Mathews has been with the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program for four years. Rohith has improved the working conditions of his employees and has worked hard in preserving soil and biodiversity.


  • He has planted a three-tier shade system using a significant percentage of indigenous trees;
  • He has set up regular soil analysis and nutrient replacement;
  • He has provided housing for the workers living on the farm (with clean water and electricity) receiving compensation as per regulation;
  • In addition, he ensures his workers are included in the General Medical Support given in the program.


Rohith Mathews in his coffee farm



Farmer: Tatang Sonjaya

Agronomist: Dadang Hendarsyah


Tatang Sonjaya transporting his coffee


Pak Tatang has been a farmer since 1995 and became a self-taught coffee farmer in 2007. In 2014, he received the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program training on coffee production, farm maintenance, harvesting and more. After this training, he saw a huge improvement in his farm especially in increased productivity and quality of his coffee. He started sharing the lessons learned with his friends and they now work together to make sure harvesting is conducted in a sustainable way, respecting nature and preserving biodiversity. Due to his engagement, Pak Tatang was appointed head of the AAA farmer group comprising 32 farmers.

Pak Tatang has also planted a wide variety of shade trees in his farm to protect the land from erosion promoting reforestation among coffee farmers and the community. In the future, Pak Tatang hopes to see more sustainable coffee production, respecting the environment.