Nespresso completes expansion of its Avenches Production and Distribution Centre


Centre of Coffee Excellence reaches final size

After two years of construction, the long-planned extension of the Nespresso Production and Distribution Centre in Avenches, Switzerland, is now complete. Complementing the original Nespresso Production Centre in nearby Orbe, the company’s second and largest production facility has been in operation since the summer of 2008. In response to the company’s steady growth, Nespresso started work in 2010 to expand the facility to its maximum planned size.

“We now see the fulfilment of a project that began in 2006. Thanks to growing consumer demand, we were able to proceed with expansion soon after opening,” explained Martin Bugmann, Director of the Avenches Nespresso Production Centre.

The Avenches “Centre of Coffee Excellence” brings together a dedicated team of Nespresso Coffee Experts who, with the latest technological resources, transform highest quality green coffee beans into the Nespresso coffees sealed in the iconic capsules, trusted by consumers around the world for their consistently high quality in-cup result. The facility also serves as a global distribution centre, shipping Nespresso capsules to over 50 markets around the world.

Creating shared value in Switzerland

Nestlé Nespresso SA has invested approximately CHF 500 million in the overall facility in Avenches, with some CHF 200 million invested in the expansion. Production lines were added, along with a new quality assurance laboratory, administrative offices, a new employee restaurant, and a new entrance and reception area. The building’s original 400,000 cubic metres were expanded by roughly one third.

Nespresso panelist ensures that the sensory characteristics of the green coffee received corresponds
to the required Nespresso profile before releasing it for production.

The state-of-the-art Avenches Production and Distribution Centre was conceived in alignment with the Nespresso approach to sustainability, Ecolaboration™. The facility reflects the company’s commitment to increasing productivity and efficiency while creating shared value and minimising its environmental impact.

Advanced energy-saving roasting technologies have been implemented and rainwater collected on the roof is recycled as utility water in the factory. A dedicated railway link to the main railway station in Avenches moves a large majority of products in and out of the factory, with 100% of the green coffee arriving to the production centre by rail. An innovative system allows surplus energy to be used not only to heat the factory, but also redistributes part of it to the Avenches commune.

The investment made by Nespresso in Avenches is a shining example of how the company is creating long-term, shared value in its home country. Around 100 local businesses were involved in both the original construction and the extension. Nespresso also co-financed the community’s first day care centre, providing a well-needed service for Nespresso employees and local families. By the end of 2012, there will be some 800 full-time employees working on site.

“Each direct job we create leads to 3 additional jobs created indirectly,” commented Martin Bugmann. “This means that more than 2’000 additional individuals will benefit from the expansion of our factory by the end of the year. We make sure we work with local enterprises to contribute to the local economy. That’s the way we create shared value.”

A model for the Nespresso Production Centre in Romont

Human expertise is essential in the quality management process at the Nespresso Production Centres.

As construction at Avenches draws to a close, Nespresso is looking forward to commencing work on a new facility. Starting in early 2013, a third production centre will be built in Romont, in the neighbouring canton of Fribourg. Expected to be operational in 2015, the facility will reflect an investment of CHF 300 million and the creation of up to 400 direct jobs by 2016. Like the Nespresso centre in Avenches, a potential second-phase expansion will also be considered. The Romont facility will likewise be firmly rooted in the Nespresso Ecolaboration™ sustainability framework.

“The expertise acquired in Avenches will be shared with the new centre in Romont. Our successful implementation of sustainable measures sets the standard for the future Nespresso Production Centre,” explained Edouard Simond, Technical Director at Nestlé Nespresso SA.

Nespresso has made a commitment to incorporating sustainability throughout all levels of its business. As an integral part of this value chain, the Nespresso Production Centres are being designed from the ground up to uphold the company’s vision of sustainability,” he concluded.

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