Discover the untold stories behind Explorations 2



Following the launch of the highly sought after and limited Explorations 1 coffees, Nespresso is once again giving coffee lovers the chance to become true coffee connoisseurs as it launches Explorations 2.

The Explorations collection is comprised of rare coffees from incredible terroirs that are all considered ‘hidden gems’ by the Nespresso coffee experts due to their remarkable taste notes.

New, unique and exotic – are the three words that perfectly describe Nespresso’s latest creations that will only be available for a very limited period at Nespresso boutiques worldwide.

Each of the Explorations 2 contrasting coffees, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Colombia Aguadas, have a hidden story to tell. They virtually transport Nespresso’s customers to Ethiopia and Colombia, to taste two very special coffee flavor profiles.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is a tale of revival and rediscovery as the Nespresso experts searched to find the perfect flavor and aroma profile they desired for this limited edition. In contrast, Colombia Aguadas is a dedication to the impassioned farmer care and practices that can transform a flavor from average to extraordinary.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 

Yirgacheffe became a known treasure of the coffee world thanks to its distinctive notes of bergamot citrus and jasmine blossom.

However, after changes to trade routes and how coffee was sold in communal lots, these particular notes became diluted and increasingly difficult to find.

The Nespresso experts weren’t willing to compromise on these delicate and distinctive aromas so they began a painstaking search, sorting through endless coffee lots in order to find these highly sought after notes and bring back the taste of a true Yirgacheffe - one that was worthy of its esteemed reputation among coffee lovers.


Colombia Aguadas

The creation of the Colombia Aguadas coffee is a story of farmer craft and love. During a routine coffee cupping session in Aguadas, one of the Nespresso experts found themselves enchanted by an astonishing and unexpected coffee profile. Wanting to learn more, the agronomists worked with the cooperative of coffee farmers to investigate which particular practices had developed such an incredible flavor.

The answer was a longer fermentation period due to the cold nights that occur high up in the Aguadas mountains, 100% sun-drying and super-selective hand picking. In order to share this stunning end result, this extensive process has been replicated to create Colombia Aguadas.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Colombia Aguadas have been specially created and paired in a duo-pack due to their contrasting hidden stories and aromatic end-cup tastes. Both coffees are Pure Origins meaning that the coffee has been sourced from a single farm or a group of farms in a precise region.

Available just twice a year and in exceptionally small quantities due to their rarity, coffee lovers will be invited to sample the latest Explorations orderings whilst learning about their heritage, unusual tasting notes and terroir.

Explorations 2 will be available at Nespresso boutiques, as well as through orders from the Nespresso Customer Care Centers and online at