Celebrating 15 years of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in Brazil


Since it was created in 2003, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program has been providing farmers with support, expertise and techniques to grow coffee more efficiently, boosting livelihoods, incomes and productivity in the process.

The company has long been committed to investing in sustainable practices throughout its value chain, from bean to cup. We aim to deliver the highest quality coffee while also generating a positive impact on the environment and people.

In Brazil, where the AAA Program was first introduced 15 years ago, our sustainability achievements are being celebrated – for a good reason.

As a nation, it is one of the biggest coffee suppliers for Nespresso. And thanks to Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability and productivity, the  AAA Program is helping to ensure high quality, sustainable coffee-growing in more than 1,000 farms.

As in other parts of the world, the AAA Program gives farmers the tools, skills and expertise to run better, more sustainable farms while also looking at everything from how properties are managed and working conditions, to farmers’ well-being and the use of environmentally friendly farming techniques. 

Since 2005, Nespresso has invested more than US$ 36 million in Brazil to enhance sustainability among coffee farmers through technical assistance and premiums paid to producers for exceptional and sustainable quality coffee. Farmers are paid up to 40% above the market price for their AAA-approved coffee.



In the last 15 years, in Brazil, we have seen our agronomists carry out more than 8,000 audits to ensure that everything is to Nespresso’s high standards. They have also made over 25,000 field visits to help identify the specific needs of each farmer and advise on tailor-made improvements to each location.

The Nespresso team has also recorded more than 55,000 interactions with farmers since 2005, through training and workshops. These are run by a dedicated technical team made up of 15 agronomists who work directly in the field with coffee farmers, many of whom are women.

“By continuously monitoring coffee farms in Brazil, and giving farmers the training, skills and know-how through the AAA Program, we’ve built strong, long-standing relationships with more than 1,000 partners,” says Guilherme Amado, Nespresso’s AAA Program Manager in Brazil.

Every year, the best performing farmers, who continue to show commitment to growing coffee sustainably and improve their practices, are recognised with financial rewards and extra support.



Caring for farmers is at the heart of the AAA Program. Nespresso’s coffee growers are a diverse group, with men and women, young and old, combining their expertise and knowledge to produce the very best coffee.

Nespresso has planted more than 180,000 trees in the last 15 years to reduce the carbon footprint and enhance biodiversity across supplier farms. More than half of the coffee produced for Nespresso in Brazil is now Rainforest Alliance-certified, something that wouldn’t have been possible without having strong partnerships with organisations such as Consórcio Cerrado das Águas (which focuses on protecting water supplies) and SOS Mata Atlântica (an NGO dedicated to the protection of native forests).



In fact, partnerships have been crucial in building a more sustainable value chain in Brazil, says Guilherme. He points to Nespresso’s collaboration with Agrobee, an organization that works in assisted pollination of bees in coffee plantations. “It’s a partnership that perfectly reflects a joint approach to environmental care, harvest productivity and also creating shared value for honey producers that can count on a product of unique quality,” he adds.

“When I think about everything we have achieved with the AAA Program for the last 15 years in Brazil, I feel privileged and proud.”