Voice assistants are revolutionizing the way we live, work or shop. Today, around 40% of us use our voice to search things online at least once a day. Google says that 27% of the world’s online population is using voice search on their smart phones. Voice Assistants in cars are also being adopted quickly, included 127 Million users in US today

In response to this growing trend, we have been working with Google since 2019, to find out how we can make it easier for customers interact with Nespresso via a dedicated “Action” on Google Assistant: “Ok Google, Talk to Nespresso”. From today Oct 18th, our Club Members in the Netherlands will be able to benefit from some new features introduced to the Nespresso Assistant. We are proud to be the first coffee brand to allow ordering, reordering and order tracking directly through our own Google Action in the Netherlands.  

Customers asking “Hey Google, I want to order Nespresso Coffee” will be able to reach Nespresso Assistant to select and receive a batch of our capsules. This is totally hands-free and screen-free for existing customers with registered credit cards on their Nespresso Account. As a consumer, you will go through a lot less steps this way, allowing you to order your coffee in less than 1 min for short orders.  

You can also easily repeat a previous coffee order by saying “Ok Google, ask Nespresso to reorder coffee” or track the status of a recent order using “Hey Google, ask Nespresso where is my order”. 

Pairing your Nespresso Account will be proposed and needed to access those new convenient features, just like any personalized voice experiences such as music services for instance. 

Nespresso’s Voice Assistant can be accessed via the Google Assistant, which is available on any Android phone and via the Google Assistant app on Apple iPhones. It is also available on Google smart speakers (such as Nest Mini, Nest Audio, and Nest Hub) and most Google Assistant equipped devices. 

The voice activation function not only enables customers to order their coffee but also to get more insight on the origins of coffee and help them make the right coffee choice. For example, you can get personalized coffee advice that matches how you’re feeling at that moment and at that time of day by answering three questions.  Customers can also request information about the background of a specific coffee by asking, “Hey Google, talk to Nespresso” or “I want more information about the Arpeggio Firenze”.  

Other previous features launched on the assistant remain available like finding your nearest Nespresso Boutique or recycling point – handy if you’d like to visit our boutiques or would just like to recycle your Nespresso capsules.