Nespresso releases The Craft and Science of Coffee, 1st Edition


A leading resource on the craft, science and evolution of the coffee value chain


The coffee value chain is a complex structure, combining science with the practicalities of coffee production and distribution. Therefore, Nespresso is proud to release The Craft and Science of Coffee, a new resource that brings science to the forefront through insightful analysis for both industry professionals and coffee aficionados.

Each stage of the coffee from bean to cup is explored with scientific rigour and craft examples to help bring an understanding, appreciation and integration to the full value chain of coffee production.

The Craft and Science of Coffee aims to guide readers through every step of the coffee production process configured into 20 in-depth chapters. Starting at the farmer, the agricultural practice, the post-harvest processes, the influence on quality and concluding with the consumer and product acceptability measures.

The chapters are a collaboration of authorship from 61 individuals, combining experts from academia and industry figures from NGOs, organisations and cooperatives, to give an overview of scientific literature and the academic vision. The chapters show how this combined knowledge applies in practical situations as well as how science can be of value to improve practices and processes. As a brand that has redefined and revolutionised the way millions of people enjoy their coffee today and helped shape the global coffee culture, Nespresso has the expertise, passion and insights to make a meaningful contribution to the industry through a resource such as this book.

The book was edited by Dr. Britta Folmer, Coffee Science Manager Nestlé Nespresso SA, in conjunction with an expert editorial board consisting of; Christopher Wille Independent Conservationist; Dr. Imre Blank, Nestlé Research Center; Professor Adriana Farah, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Peter Giuliano Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Dean Sanders Founder and Chief Inventor at Goodbrand.

Britta Folmer, Coffee Science Manager Nestlé Nespresso SA said Nespresso is an innovative leader in high quality coffee production, and thus a natural creator this unique book, The Craft and Science of Coffee.

‘‘We have covered it all in the book, from cherry to cup, but also presented the key issues faced by the coffee industry, solution proposals and thought leadership initiatives. It has been a great pleasure to work with such respected expert voices in the industry and delve into their knowledge and perspectives to present in conjunction with Nespresso.

Coffee is at the centre of a world changing convergence of trends, said Christopher Wille, a biologist who has been active in sustainable agriculture in the tropics for three decades. “For example, the book connects the rise of the save the rainforest movement and the boom in demand for high-quality coffee with the multi-stakeholder strategies to improve the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers.


Expert authors show how the many facets of environmental conservation, social empowerment and economic equality are blended in the cultivation and consumption of a cup of coffee.”

The intention of the book is to broaden the views of readers who may be experts in specific areas but would value insight into the challenges and opportunities of the whole value chain and apply it to their own research. But also for people within the industry who would like to get a deeper insight into the scientific developments explained in an accessible manner.

The Craft and Science of Coffee will be the most up-to-date reference available on the complete coffee value chain and can be purchased from January 2017 at

All royalties from the book will be placed in the Nespresso AAA Farmers Future Program, the first ever retirement saving fund for coffee farmers in Colombia.