Lattissima+: the best espresso with the best milk foam for milk-based coffee lovers


Latest innovative technology for the smoothest experience

Nespresso has launched its latest machine innovation, Lattissima+. An innovation that will delight fans of milk-based coffee recipes.

This new “one-touch” milk solution machine delivers an incomparable in-cup result and allows coffee and milk lovers to create a range of espresso-based beverages at home, in the fastest and most convenient way.

With the revolutionary milk froth technological advancements of Lattissima+, Nespresso has mastered the art of pairing highest quality espresso with the perfect quality of milk froth.

The innovative and advanced steamer technology introduced with Lattissima+ creates a milk froth with the optimal temperature, thickness and density. A velvety froth with the right creaminess for new sensorial experiences and a perfect melting with coffee; the right milk froth thickness to enable coffee aromas to go through; the smoothest experience for fans of milk-based coffee recipes.

Lattissima+ also offers enhancements in the convenience of coffee and milk recipe preparations. Thanks to a faster heating system, Lattissima+ is ready in less than one minute, enabling its users to enjoy an espresso, lungo, cappuccino or latte in less time.


Simplicity of use and convenience for perfect in-cup result 

As part of the Nespresso sustainability initiative Ecolaboration™, Lattissima+ is also more energy efficient due to the auto power off feature. It features an overall optimized energy consumption profile, thus reducing the carbon footprint of each Nespresso cup of coffee made with it.

The compact size of Lattissima+ combines efficient design with compact technology. The machine design of Lattissima+ has a particular focus on operational ergonomics, keeping in mind simplicity of use to ensure the most convenient consumer experience. Cleverly engineered, the pragmatic and low maintenance Lattissima+ has an intuitive regulation of milk foam volume and a cleaning button which will seamlessly fits into the busy lifestyles of its users.

Lattissima+ suits any cup size – be it a mug or macchiato glass – thanks to the sliding drip tray. The easy–to- use handle invites you to insert your favourite Nespresso Grand Cru capsule to produce the perfect in-cup result, time and again.