The bike is back: Nespresso partners once again with Swedish start-up Vélosophy to create RE:CYCLE – a chic city bike made using recycled aluminium capsules.



Sustainability has never been higher on the agenda of consumers seeking brands that fit their ethical and conscious lifestyles. Understanding how a product has been sourced and produced, and what happens to the material once you’re done with it, is increasingly driving purchase behaviour. 

To celebrate its commitment to recycling, Nespresso has partnered with Swedish lifestyle bike brand Vélosophy to create a new edition of RE:CYCLE. The frame of the bicycle is made using around 95% recycled aluminium, including 20% recycled Nespresso capsules.  

The new RE:CYCLE, which was unveiled last week at the Cannes Film Festival, represents the perfect balance of sustainability and style. Vélosophy have brought back Nespresso fans’ favourite touches, including a capsule-shaped bell and coffee cup-holder for the ultimate coffee-on-the-go experience. The new edition is California Dream Blue, inspired by Nespresso’s Summer 2023 campaign, and comes in both a standard and eBike version. 

What’s more, RE:CYCLE will help Vélosophy meet its one-for-one promise: to donate a bicycle to a schoolgirl in a developing nation for every bike they sell. For every RE:CYCLE bike created by Vélosophy in partnership with Nespresso, another bike will be contributed through World Bicycle Relief.  

Jerome Perez, Head of Sustainability at Nespresso, said: ‘Coffee and bicycles are an unexpected blend, but at Nespresso, we love to surprise and delight. That’s what RE:CYCLE is all about; blending sustainability and style in order to bring to life the potential of circularity. By using recycled Nespresso capsules to make this beautiful bike, our goal is to encourage people to recycle. But what I’m most proud of is Vélosophy’s one-for-one promise, which is empowering girls to succeed through providing access to transportation with a bicycle.. Vélosophy is an inspirational start-up, and I hope consumers will be inspired by this collaboration.’ 


Jimmy Östholm, CEO and Founder of Vélosophy said: ‘When we created Vélosophy, our vision was to create a positive impact on the world. We’re living those values through our actions; making our city bikes using recycled aluminium and contributing a bike to a schoolgirl in a developing nation for every Vélosophy we sell. Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability is embedded in the brand’s DNA, which makes this the dream collab. RE:CYCLE illustrates the potential of recyclable aluminium, and I hope it will inspire Nespresso lovers to recycle their capsules.’ 

Nespresso is a pioneer of recycling. Although our capsules are made from recyclable aluminium, they are not accepted in public recycling schemes in every country. That’s why we’re working with local authorities and key partners to support upgrades to the public recycling infrastructure so that even small, light aluminium, such as coffee capsules, can be recycled. Nespresso has also run a dedicated recycling scheme for more than 30 years ago, and today, we offer recycling services to customers in 70 countries. 

The first edition of RE:CYCLE was applauded by Nespresso fans and sustainability champions alike when it was launched in 2019. The perfect blend of sustainability and style, the iconic purple bike became a symbol of the circular economy and inspired millions of consumers to think about how small steps can make a big difference. 

Vélosophy is a brand committed to putting life in motion; for every bike they sell, they donate a Buffalo bicycle to a schoolgirl in developing nations through World Bicycle Relief. Research1 shows that bicycles can reduce a girls’ absenteeism by 66%, and reduce the odds of her dropping out of school by 19%. 

500 RE:CYCLE bikes will be available as of end July 2023 exclusively from Vélosophy ( priced at €1590 for a standard bike and €2,795 for an eBike, plus shipping.





When sisters Asurina, 16, and Angela, 17, from Colombia, received bicycles from World Bicycle Relief, their journey to school was cut from 1.5 hours to less than 40 minutes. 

Despite the heartbreak of losing their father last year from COVID, the girls remain focused on their education. These strong sisters say, “Our father wanted us to learn. Studying is the only thing that can give you a future. So every day we ride to school to honour our father’s memory.” 

Today, despite everything, Asurina and Angela treat each day as a gift. Asurina aspires to be a veterinarian, giving lots of love to her cat Richard and dog Billon. Angela is interested in social sciences. They said: “Our father wanted us to learn. Studying is the only thing that can give you a future. So every day we ride to school to honor our father’s memory.”  

For girls who are facing challenges, Asurina said: “Never give up. No matter how hard. You must keep going. Keep dreaming. Keep studying. For every problem, there is a solution. Something will come and motivate you to keep going.”