The Architects of Taste and Pleasure Come Together for a Holiday Season Collection of Coffees, Confections and More to Celebrate the Joy of Gathering and the Art of the Everyday


Nespresso and world-renowned pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé are thrilled to join forces and announce a capsule collection to kick off the festive season. The exclusive coffees and confections are a celebration of refined tastes and indulgence, representing the best of the best across gustatory pleasures.

The limited-edition collaboration builds upon Pierre Hermé’s extensive background as an expert of flavour, putting forth a collection that deepens the indulgence of the palate by relishing in the shared joy that we experience with friends and family. Herein lies an invitation to gather, to discover and delight in unexpected surprises: from the visceral pleasures of tasting a new coffee or pastry to the combined laughter between friends, fuller stories are written with the Nespresso | Pierre Hermé coffees and confections that bring the art of the haute pâtisserie into the everyday, enriching both in equal measure.

From the creator of the Haute Pâtisserie, Pierre Hermé’s pastries are at the apex of avant-garde design, skilled technique and refined flavours. Decades of experience beginning with an apprenticeship at age 14 for Gaston Lenôtre, widely considered the father of modern pastry, led to Pierre Hermé being crowned the prestigious title of World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2016. With namesake boutiques and cafés all over the globe, Pierre Hermé’s creativity and sophistication in gastronomy is unparalleled. His unmistakably modern imagination pairs with technique to craft the ultimate coffee for the most discerning of palates – epicures will delight in the complex flavours while rejoicing in the ease of use, all in the comfort of one’s own home.

The collaboration consists of delightful coffees, confections, and gifting with Nespresso rounding out the festive season’s offerings by adding limited-edition coffee machines and accessories to bring Nespresso quality into all areas of one’s day.

Leading with a black single origin coffee from Colombia, the Infiniment Espresso, is sourced from the new supplying region of Tolima, where farmers mostly use natural methods and prioritize low-impact agriculture, benefiting the land and its inhabitants. The Arabica beans available in both Original and Vertuo as the Infiniment Double Espresso bloom with vibrant red fruit and smooth cereal notes, expressing an impressive depth of flavor and an elegant mouthfeel.

The Original espresso offerings also include two flavoured coffees: the Infiniment Gourmand Saveur Noisette, crafted from delicately sweet South American Arabica beans, begins with the unmistakable aroma of roasted hazelnuts flavour followed by sweet top notes of almond biscotti and delicate vanilla. The refreshingly smooth Infiniment Fruité Saveur Framboise articulates a smooth cereal aroma pairing beautifully with the alluring flavour of raspberries. Both of these inspire a premium pastry experience by declaring the same complex flavours one associates with Pierre Hermé’s elevated pastries.

When it comes to the decadent mug sized Vertuo flavoured coffees, the Latin American and African Arabica beans of Infiniment Gourmand Saveur Noisette reveal graceful roasted hazelnut flavours with top notes of praline and vanilla, while Vertuo Infiniment Fruité Saveur Framboise divulges the bracing tartness of raspberry flavour juxtaposed with the smooth cereal notes from its Latin American and African Arabicas.

No Pierre Hermé collection would be complete without sweets: to complement the coffees, the Infiniment Exquis 70% Dark Chocolate Squares, crafted from single origin dark chocolate sourced from the Dominican Republic, are delicately perfumed with the rare essence of Timur berries, which are harvested by a local community in Nepal, offering an aromatic profile of grapefruit, pepper and floral notes.

The Infiniment Savoureux Raspberry Cinnamon Biscuits are also available in the range, designed under Pierre Herme’s artistic direction. Intended to be paired with Nespresso coffees and bring new dimensions to the flavour profiles within each of them, the shortbread features dried raspberries and the warm spice of Ceylon cinnamon harnessed in a crunchiness that is a lovely foil to the inherent creaminess of Nespresso coffees.

The Café Noble Scented Candle was imagined in collaboration with master French perfumer Olivia Giacobetti and Pierre Hermé for a longer lasting immersion into the festive spirit. The soft, cozy scent is inspired by the Colombian tradition of adding panela, a golden-brown raw sugar that is as sweet as honey to coffee for an indulgent confection. With all of the complexities and nuances of coffee, the candle boasts notes of cinnamon, vanilla, spice and a robust Arabica bean, and is housed in a reusable porcelain vessel.

Rounding out the festive collection are this season’s Original and Vertuo Advent Calendars, containing 24 coffees and a surprise gift for the last day. The giftable advent calendars contain the three co-created Nespresso | Pierre Hermé coffees as well as favorites from the Nespresso permanent range, offering a different coffee behind each door for a delightful surprise on the path to the festive season, all presented in an exquisite box designed to be reused afterwards.

Outside of the co-created collection, Nespresso is also offering limited-edition coffee machines, the Vertuo Next machine in a shiny Silver or Titan finish and its iconic CitiZ machine in Magic Blue, both of which can be used to create the Nespresso | Pierre Hermé signature coffee recipes. Crowning the collection is the Nomad Travel Mug in a Raspberry color, giving the ability to take the flavours from the artistry of haute pastry anywhere, anytime.

Nespresso’s sophistication meets its match in Pierre Hermé, the architect of taste, with coffee as the connector – a multisensory gourmand treat to delight everyone’s palate and weave connections amongst generations.

The enchantment of indulgence, the gift of conviviality: the Nespresso | Pierre Hermé collection arrives in Nespresso boutiques worldwide and online on [November 1st TBC, per market and offering]. As with all shared moments, the collection is available for a limited amount of time and in limited quantities, while supplies last.






Pierre Hermé is the descendant of four generations of bakers and pastry chefs from Alsace. His reputation for bringing flavour and modernity to the pâtisserie stretches across France, Japan and the United States, earning him the nickname “Picasso of Pastry” by Vogue. Having stated that “pleasure is his only guide”, Pierre Hermé has invented a world of aromas, sensations and delight. His unique approach to the pastry chef profession has led him to revolutionize even the most set-in-stone traditions, making him into an iconic figure in French gastronomy. Founded in 1997, Pierre Hermé Paris, the luxury “Haute Pâtisserie” company that is the brainchild of Pierre Hermé, opened their first store in Tokyo in 1998, followed in 2001 by the Parisian patisserie at 72 rue Bonaparte. Named the World’s Best Pastry Chef by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy in 2016, the pastry chef and chocolatier uses his technical expertise, talent and creativity to bring pleasure to all food-lovers.